About education

Cartography and Geoinformatics Department was established in 2011
The Head of the Department is the candidate of Technical Science, principal reader Sergey V. Pyankov.
The Department provides training for:
- bachelors in "Cartography and Geoinformatics" (4 years of study)
- masters in "Mathematical and cartographic modeling of geosystems and complexes" (2 years of study) .
The curriculum is based on all modern achievements of domestic and foreign cartography. Special attention in the education process is devoted to the formation of the professional competences of the students in the field of geoinformatics, remote sensing, satellite image interpretation, creation of information databases, etc. Graduates of the Department can successfully work in all institutions, organizations and enterprises, where the use of modern space and geoinformation technologies is required.

About science

The GIS center has been existing since 2000. It works in the fields of “GIS and natural resources”, “GIS and life security", "GIS and ecology". This activity is confirmed by the large scientific researches conducted by the GIS center by public authorities request.
It includes the Interregional Center of Space Monitoring of Perm region with two satellite receiving stations: "Alisa - CK" and "UniScan - 24." Currently, the obtained system of space monitoring is widely used in the study of natural-territorial complexes.

International Research Team

An international research group has been established on the base of Small-scale innovation enterprise «Space technology and service Centre» in December 2014, which the leaders are the deputy. Director D.Sc. SV Pyankov and Professor Matti Maltamo (Finland, the University of Eastern Finland). The group works on the project: "Development of the automated technology of forest inventory works on the basis of aggregation of data satellite imagery and airborne laser scanning."


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