Perm Krai Territory Survey Before and After the Flood

Кратко о проекте


  • Study the conditions before and after the flood in the territory of Perm Krai.
  • Prediction and monitoring of flood.
  • Identify the boundaries and areas of probable inundation during preset probability floods and high waters in 8 territories. Develop measures to minimize damage and protect inhabited localities from floods.


  • Assess flood dynamics using the Earth remote sensing data.
  • Organize helicopter surveys by routes.
  • Identify the boundaries of the snow cover, the snow coverage percentage in the catchment area of the river basins.
  • Study the ice conditions on the water bodies; photo ice jams, ice gorges, ice-holes, flange ice.
  • Predict and analyze spring tides (high-water periods).
  • Identify and photo territories in the flooded areas.
  • Identify and photo the cases of the water adverse effect: destruction of river banks, dams, dikes, bridges and other facilities and structures.
  • Develop recommendations for the protection of people and socially significant facilities from floods; long-run recommendations for the minimization of damages from floods.
  • Identify the boundaries of areas that may be flooded with high probability floods for 8 settlements.
  • Create thematic layers of GIS maps.
  • Create attribute databases of objects located in the areas of probable flooding.

Results: On-line information, including forecasting and analysis of flood development, the results of flying around; recommendations on flood control measures.

Другая информация

  • Заказчик: Ministry of Natural Resources of Perm Krai
  • Сдача проекта: 2008