From September 25th 2011 to October 9th 2011 within the territory of the Russian Federation organizes the school-workshop, which will take place on the ship going the route Perm – Kazan – Saratov – Samara – Volgograd – Astrakhan – Perm. On this route a number of RF Institutions of higher education and Scientific Centres – leaders in the sphere of geoinformation technology, Earth remote sensing and mathematical-cartographic modeling data use – are situated. Excursions in the geoinformation technology development centres in institutions of higher education and large institutes on the route are planned.

The topic of the international school-workshop is “GIS support for Russia and CIS countries modernization. Organizational, technological and human capacity”.

Highly motivated participants of the international school-workshop are supposed to be the representatives of high schools and academic organisations, federal and regional bodies of state power and large business companies.

After the school-workshop the participants will be provided with the international certificate of International Cartographic Association (ICA) of advanced training – Certificate of Attendance (72 hours).

About 120 – 130 Russian specialists in the sphere of geoinformation technology use for sustainable spatial development as well as 20 – 30 foreign experts from Europe, Asia and America are expected to participate in the school-workshop.

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