Space monitoring of Perm Krai forest fund condition

Short Description


Provide information of forest fund condition to the Ministry of Industry and Natural Resources and Perm Krai Government. Create a system of satellite navigational monitoring and control of the forestland condition in order to receive information of the environment and on-line and statistical information to ensure efficient implementation of the forest resource management system of Perm Krai.


  • Develop instructions for identifying changes through decoding Earth Remote Sensing Data (ERSD).
  • Develop a module of automatic identification of changes using ERSD decoding.
  • Update the space photograph data bank.
  • Form and update information of the forest resource quality and quantity based on ERSD.
  • Make an integrated system of experts’ analytical processing of the geodata base of the Perm Oblast forest resources.
  • Update the forest mensuration materials.
  • Analyze the results and assess discrepancies between the forest mensuration information and actual cutting areas in the forest.
  • Assess the damage caused by illegal felling.
  • Maintain continuous monitoring of forest use in the Perm Krai territory.


The ‘Space monitoring of Perm Krai Forest Fund Condition’ software will allow:

  • automatic decoding of remote sensing data;
  • continuous monitoring of the forest fund condition;
  • identification and assessment of damage caused by illegal felling;
  • retrospective analysis of forest fires and consequences thereof;
  • identification of forest fund areas unsuitable for forest fund users;
  • provision of registration and cartographic materials on the availability, condition and location of forest resources and changes in the forest fund to the forest management agency;
  • optimization of forest management in Perm Krai.

Other Information

  • Customer: Министерство промышленности и природных ресурсов Пермского края
  • Deadline: 2007