Information support of state authorities in making decisions on ensuring safety of people, prevention and elimination of natural, man-caused and bio-social emergencies in the municipal unit ‘Osinsky Municipal Region’.

Short Description

Goals: Determine the emergency risk level indicators, assess probable consequences of emergencies.


  • Gather and analyze information to determine the danger level of the objects situated in the territory of the municipal unit;
  • Assess the general safety status of the territory of the municipal unit.
  • Make a description of the hazardous objects situated in the territory of the municipal unit.
  • Determine the risk indicators of emergencies
  • Assess probable consequences of emergencies
  • Create an electronic database of hazardous objects.


  • The emergency risk level indicators determined; emergency probable consequences assessed; social risk determined.
  • Software created for identifying natural, man-caused and bio-social emergency risks and consequences.

Other Information

  • Customer: Osinsky Municipal Region Administration
  • Deadline: 2007