Information support of state authorities in making decisions on ensuring safety of people, prevention and elimination of natural, man-caused and bio-social emergencies in the municipal unit ‘Nytvinsky Municipal Region’.

Short Description

Goals: Determine the emergency risk level indicators, assess probable consequences of emergencies, evaluate the work performed by the municipal authorities in preventing emergencies, develop emergency risk and consequences mitigation measures in the territory of the municipal unit.


  • Create an electronic database of hazardous objects located in the territory of the municipal region.
  • Complete data tables.
  • Make an electronic map of the municipal unit (M 1:200000).
  • Have the raw data approved by the Main Agency of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia for Perm Oblast.
  • Make software.
  • Determine the risk indicators of emergencies
  • Assess probable consequences of emergency.
  • Make diagrams of social risk.
  • Develop a location layout for the municipal unit.
  • Check the electronic copies for compliance with the original documents.


  • The emergency risk level indicators determined; emergency probable consequences assessed; social risk determined; emergency risk and consequences mitigation measures determined for the municipal unit territory.
  • Software created for identifying natural, man-caused and bio-social emergency risks and consequences.

Other Information

  • Customer: Nytvinsky Municipal Region Administration
  • Deadline: 2007