Development, Implementation, Servicing and Support of the First Phase of the Municipal Geoinformation Sistem of the town of Solikamsk

Short Description


  • The purpose of the municipal geoinformation system of the town of Solikamsk is to provide the Town Administration, plants and organizations supporting the life activities of the people in the town and rendering services to the people with geoinformation technologies and databases to ensure making economically and technically sound decisions on spatial development of the town of Solikamsk.
  • The purpose of the first phase of the system is to form a methodological and methodical basis for creating a Geoinformation System of the town of Solikamsk and to test the proposed solutions in a pilot project. The methodological and methodical basis will be formed in the Concept and Program of MGIS creation.


The first phase tasks:

  • develop a Solikamsk Municipal Geoinformation System Concept;
  • develop a Solikamsk Geoinformation System Creation Program;
  • develop a pilot project – the first phase of the MGIS.


Solikamsk Municipal Geoinformation System Concepts.

Solikamsk Geoinformation System Creation Program.

MGIS digital basis including main base layers.

Computerized workstations for entering and updating the base and thematic layers of the electronic map on the basis of a special software.

MGIS server having optimal features for the work.

Solikamsk Administration personnel trained at the Introduction into GIS courses.

Specialized software allowing installation of customizable workstations – viewers without an information editing function.

A service package for servicing and supporting the MGIS during the warranty period, including:

  • elimination of defects (debugging) in the MGIS in the event of detection thereof;
  • introducing changes to the Database structure, up to 10% of the existing one;
  • restoration of the software in part of the MGIS in case of a failure of a workstation installed for entering and editing base and thematic layers of the electronic map;
  • upgrading the MGIS software when new versions are issued;
  • providing consultation on working with the MGIS software.

Other Information

  • Customer: Solikamsk Administration
  • Deadline: 2008