Creation of an electronic map of the process area of Perm Engine-Building Complex located at 93 Komsomolsky Prospect.

Short Description

Goals: Make a digital cartographic layout of the process area to be used in accomplishment of information, calculation and other tasks in the field of ecology and power supply of Perm Engine Plant, OAO and Perm engine-building complex enterprises.


  •  Develop classifiers and reference books of cartographic and attributive information.
  • Organize a database structure (a topographic basis, service lines, discharge sources).
  • Scan, digitize the layouts of the process areas and service lines (the area is 60 he).
  • Update the cartographic data based on remote sensing data.
  • Develop a system of references and links of cartographic and attributive databases, engineering drawings, scanned information.
  • Form a GIS detail design to be expandable by adding new modules.
  • Train the Client’s personnel.


A technical report in hard copy and on CD-R containing the following information:

  • an explanatory note;
  • a description of the structure of the electronic thematic layer cartographic and attributive databases;
  • scanned processed data sources (in raster form);
  • updated electronic topographic maps of Perm Engine-Building Complex linked together to form an integrated map of the subject area;
  • databases of discharge sources and solid waste disposals indicating coordinates;
  • design created using ArcView 9.1package allowing to work with created layers;
  • User Manual.

Other Information

  • Customer: Perm Engine-Building Plant, OAO
  • Deadline: 2007