Creation of a Back-Up Fund of Kungur Documentation

Short Description

Goals: Create a Back-Up Fund of the documentation of the town of Kungur


  • make electronic copies of the documents;
  • process the electronic copies (stitching, purification, correction);
  • make an electronic catalog of the documents;
  • create a database;
  • form a database of legal standards;
  • prepare a software;
  • record a CD;
  • write a User Manual;
  • check for compliance of electronic copies with the originals.


  • CD-R with electronic documents forming the back-up fund package of the Kungur documents.
  • Documents (electronic copies), forming the database of legal standards for creating, keeping and using a back-up fund of documents.
  • The User Manual for using the electronic version of the back-up fund of the documents, in hard copy according to GOST 7,32-2001 (1 copy) and in electronic form on a CD.

Other Information

  • Customer: Agency for Kungur Population and Territory Protection against Emergencies, Primary Fire Safety Measures and Civil Defense, Municipal Agenc
  • Deadline: 2007